ACL Ceramic Heatshield – Moldable Panel
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ACL Ceramic Heatshield – Moldable Panel

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Keeping heat to a minimum is just one more thing that can add to performance. For use near turbochargers, exhaust systems, manifolds and other hot spots. Our revolutionary heat shield material also keeps components cooler. ACL Race Series Heat Shield has a unique double corrugation design that allows the material to be formed into complex shapes and ensures exceptional rigidity. This material provides excellent performance in high temperature noise sensitive applications and is available in two ready-to use sizes.

Consisting of a ceramic insert sandwiched between two aluminised steel sheets, ACL Race Series Heat Shield gives racers a very efficient high temperature thermal barrier suitable for a wide variety of automotive and industrial
applications. Performance applications: For use near turbochargers, catalytic converters, exhaust systems, manifolds and other hot spots.

Maximum temperature range:
850°C – 900°C
HD-5000-SML sheet size 700mm x 275mm
HD-5000-LGE sheet size 700mm x 550mm

This listing is for the large sheet. Please ask if you want the smaller one.