CL brakes RC6 endurance compound (front)
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CL brakes RC6 endurance compound (front)

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CL brakes (formerly Carbone Lorraine) manufacture some of the best competition brake pads in the world. They are used by many top level teams in the WTCC, WRC, NASCAR and GT cars. CL make a variety of compounds suitable for spirited street use up to world class top level racing on all surfaces.

RC6 Endurance
The RC6 endurance compound is as the name states, an endurance version of the popular RC6. It has an average friction coefficient of 0.46mu, is very friendly on rotors and works well from near cold. This pad will save you pit time in endurance events. It is also suitable as a race pad on light to moderate weight vehicles.

These pads are available for a wide range of vehicles – please ask us for pricing for your specific application.