DPR Intercooler water-air drag spec 800hp
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DPR Intercooler water-air drag spec 800hp

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These DPR Drag Spec water to air intercoolers support up to 800HP and come with full 3″ inlet and outlet for maximum flow. The core measures 114mm x 257mm x 114mm and is specifically designed for efficient water cooling of the charge air. Comes with threaded fittings and is fabricated from super strong alloy construction. These coolers exhibit a super low pressure drop which can assist in reducing turbo lag. At 400CFM you will only observe a 0.05psi pressure drop, and at 700CFM a mere 0.10psi drop. Pressure tested to 80psi. No bar and plate front mount air-air cooler can compare! Due to its design this cooler can be mounted almost anywhere that there is space. Overal dimensions are 114mm x 300mm x 300mm. Some adjustments may be required when installing aftermarket intercoolers or intercooler piping kits.