GFB EJ20 WRX/STI 2PC Pulley Set (underdrive)
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GFB EJ20 WRX/STI 2PC Pulley Set (underdrive)

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The GFB 2pc Subaru WRX Pulley Kit comes with both Crank & Alternator pulleys to suit all EJ20 EJ22 & EJ25 engines. Belts are also included.

This Subaru crank & alternator pulley kit is for the MY01-02 WRX (MY02-03 in the U.S. – the “bugeye” model), and does not include the power steering pulley, as on these models it cannot be removed.

These pulley sets are under-driven, which reduces the parasitic losses from the driven accessories, resulting in more power. Their light weight aids engine response, giving better acceleration and a more free-revving feel. Part # 2001