Greddy E-manage Ultimate
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Greddy E-manage Ultimate

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The Greddy e-Manage Ultimate is built on the basis of the ever popular Emanage Blue. Some of the new features over the older E-manage include:

*Programmable fuel and ignition management (swithcing between 2 maps via toggle switches on front panel).
*Switch port (to activate data logging, ignition cut and other featutures with the Greddy remote switching system).
*2 option ports for the connection of any two of the following: Greddy Pressure (MAP) Sensor, Temp Sensor, Multi-Switching System, A/F Meter, Auxiliary Switch, Factory Pressure (MAP) Sensor, or other analog input signal.
*USB port with standard USB cable for laptop connection.
*Speed cut removal
*Rev limited removal
*Map trace
*Airflow output map (can be used to eliminate factory Air Flow Meter)
*Anti Engine Stall feature
*Individual Cylinder fuel and Injection adjustment
*Coolant temp correction
*Air intake temp correction
*Idle stabilisation map
*Data logging with a 20ms sample rate plus many more features!
*Software and USB cable now included in the package! (wiring harness extra)