Hybrid electronic boost controller SBC-D(SE)
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Hybrid electronic boost controller SBC-D(SE)

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HDi Hybrid Electronic boost controllers not only spool the turbo quicker, but also accurately regulate the amount of boost pressure. These offer precise on-the-fly adjustment that manual boost controllers cannot, meaning you get exactly the set level of boost in each gear and throughout the rev range with no drop off and no spiking! They feature a microprocessor controlled opperation and can run either open or closed loop configuration. This compact unit comes with a 9 bar / 130psi solenoid and provides accurate boost regulation with a fast boost attenuation from within the cabin of your vehicle. These are a great quality product and offer excelent value for money!

By employing a unique closed loop boost regulating technique, boost fluctuations are minimised once the desired boost level is reached. The anti-lag program minimises turbo spool time, allowing sharp responsive acceleration.

In cabin boost adjustment
Full time closed loop regulation
Minimised turbo spooling time
Dual boost adjustment
Overboost function
120psi pressure balanced solenoid
Microprocessor controlled
Rigid aluminium casing

Optional functions available with idriver:
* Optional full automatic turbo timer
* Optional CO2 spray controller
* Optional boost warning system
* Optional water spray controller.