Hybrid GT2-S intercooler kit – Falcon FG XR6
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Hybrid GT2-S intercooler kit – Falcon FG XR6

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HDi Ford FGXR6 GT2 440 “S” complete intercooler kit is designed to replace the restrictive regular standard factory unit in order to give greater airflow and cooling efficiency for both standard and modified Ford FG Falcon resulting in increased performance and reduce in fuel consumption. The HDi Ford FGXR6 GT2 440 S Ultra light weight Tube and fin intercooler it is a strong design and it is also tested to withstand high boost and high flow requirement.

Installation of HDi Ford FGXR6 GT2 440 S complete intercooler kit is simple. It comes with all hoses and stainless brackets as well as it does not require reinforcement bar cutting, it is easily installed with basic workshop tools, installation is a quick and easy process, normally it takes less than 40 min!
The high quality reinforcement hoses also were designed for standard intercooler plumbing and after market hard pipes.

The HDi Ford FGXR6 GT2 440 S complete intercooler kit benefit as below:
 Improved low end throttle response!
 Minimal pressure drop
 Large cooling surface area
 Increase torque throughout entire RPM range
 Increased power range from low rpm
 Reduction of both inlet and out let temperatures
 Increased performance either standard boost or under high boost
 Consistent power increase
 Flow area is over 135% increased!
 Flow rate is over 200% increased!
 Power increase 9-17 kw
 Peak Boost and peak torque will be 600-630 RPM earlier!
 No reinforcement bar cutting
 The new Design suits both standard intercooler pipes and suits upgraded intercooler pipes
 New High Quality reinforced silicon hose ensure the best pressure holding

Full stainless steel bolts and brackets for the best durability against water and salt corrosion.
The special design allowing high boost application and for city low air flow is driving conditions.


Approx. Weight (kg): 6.5g
HP rated: 750HP
Size in mm (L x W x H): 660 x 80 x 440
Structure: HDi 25 rows GT 2 traverse tube and fin
Outlet: 2.75” / HDi clamp
Finishing: HDi GT2 Seamless side tank
Pressure drop (psi): 0.2
Flow rate CFM: >900