Hybrid X01-R intercooler kit – SF5 Forester
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Hybrid X01-R intercooler kit – SF5 Forester

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Hybrid intercooler kits are vehicle specific, providing the perfect balance between performance, looks, and ease of installation. The X01-R intercooler kit for Subaru forester SF5 has proven to give a 30kw gain over the stock cooler setup! This kit includes the X01-R 790mm x 225mm x 92mm Tube and Fin intercooler capable of over 700 Horsepower. Each kit also comes with light weight polished aluminium piping and silicone joiners, hose clamps and brackets! You can easily distinguish a Genuine HYBRID / HDi intercooler from the fakes – all HDi coolers have their logo stamped in the top plate. Hybrid are the innovators – not the imitators!