Kinugawa Japan BMW N55 stage 3L upgrade turbo
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Kinugawa Japan BMW N55 stage 3L upgrade turbo

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Kinugawa N55 Stage Stage 3L (L means larger turbine side) upgrade drop-in turbo consists of 100% new castings for the entire unit. The stainless steel turbine housing and manifold have been cast in two pieces. This allows our upgraded to support 600WHP with proper fuel, upgrades, and tuning. The highest for any drop-in the N55 upgrade. The compressor is a full billet 9 blades GTX G2 wheel and the turbine is a 10 blade design, these are the same turbine wheels you would find in the Garrett GTX G2 line up but in reverse rotation. This upgrade will support Stock levels-600WHP with a quick spool and plenty of flow to redline. The turbo comes with performance DV+ to replace the stock plastic DV parts which are prone to cracking and leaking.

135i,  M 235i, 335i, 435i


– Compressor Wheel: (Stock Wheel 45.8 / 62.0mm), Stage 3L: 58/76mm (supports 450~600WHP) Billet GTX G2 9 Blades upgraded
– Turbine Wheel: (Stock Wheel 47/53mm), Upgrade to 55/60mm 10 blades



– Oil and water cooling
– Ceramic Ball bearing system


– 1 x Turbocharger with manifold
– 1x Oil & water install kit and gaskets
– 1 x performance DV+