Kinugawa Japan CT26 7MGTE 60-1 upgrade
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Kinugawa Japan CT26 7MGTE 60-1 upgrade

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These Kinugawa Japan CT26 turbos are designed as a bolt on upgrade for the CT26 as used on the 7MGTE Toyota Supra. The turbo supports up to around 450hp at the fly.

*Compressor wheel: 60 / 76 mm (Garrett 60-1 comp wheel)
*Turbine Wheel: 51.9 / 67.9 mm
*Journal Bearing
*Oil and water cooled
*Actuator Pressure 1 Bar / 15 psi default (you can select pressure when ordering).
*Supplied with fitting kit including: Oil Feed and oil return gaskets, water feed and water return gaskets, Turbine Inlet Gasket, Turbine Outlet gasket