Kinugawa Japan T04R / TD06H 10CM T3 600HP
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Kinugawa Japan T04R / TD06H 10CM T3 600HP

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These Kinugawa T04R/TD06H turbos come with a T3 inlet flange to suit both many factory and aftermarket applications that use a T3 flange.

Suitable upgrade over a garrett GT3540R / GT3582R.

Specifications: * 66.5/84 mm (Garrett T04R) compressor wheel

* 58.8 / 67.2 mm (TD06H 11 Blade (TD06H4) turbine Wheel

* 10cm V-band Turbine Housing

* 4inch comp cover

* Journal Bearing with performance thrust bearing kit with larger thrust ring and flinger

* Oil cooled

* Boost limit 2.8 bar.

* Supports 400-600HP

* Fitting Kit Included.