Kinugawa Japan TD06-18G turbo S14 S15 T25
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Kinugawa Japan TD06-18G turbo S14 S15 T25

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These Kinugawa Japan TD06SL2-18g turbos are designed as an upgrade for Nissan Silvia S14 and S15 or as an aftermarket turbo for other T25 / T28 flanged applications



* 8 cm2 Ported Turbine Housing

* Compressor wheel: 50.5 mm / 68 mm (18G wheel)

* Turbine Wheel: 54.1 / 61mm (TD06sl2)

* Larger 34mm Turbine Flapper

* Journal Bearing with Performance Thrust Bearing Kit with larger thrust ring and flinger

* Oil and Water cooled

* Max Hp supported 420HP

* Turbo Boost Limit 2.8 Bar

* Fitting kit included

* Billet adjustable wastegate actuator (not pressed steel one as shown in photo)