Kinugawa Japan TD06H-25G T3 RB20 / RB25 380-500HP
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Kinugawa Japan TD06H-25G T3 RB20 / RB25 380-500HP

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These Kinugawa Japan TD06H-25g turbos come with a T3 inlet flange to fit common T3 and T3T4 flanged manifolds and a 6-bolt Nissan RB specific exhaust housing making them a bolt on solution for RB20 and RB25 motors.



* 3” Kinugawa TD06H-25G

* Compressor wheel: 60.5 / 78 mm (25G Wheel)

* Compressor housing 0.60 A/R (3″ inlet, 2″ outlet, will not fit factory manifold without a spacer as the larger 3″ cover will contact the head. Use the 2.4″ cover for a direct bolt on)

* Turbine Wheel: 58.8 / 67.2 mm (TD06H)

* Turbine housing: 8cm or 10cm T3 turbine housing with 6-bolt exit (fits factory RB dump pipe)

* Journal Bearing with performance thrust bearing kit with larger thrust ring and flinger

* Billet adjustable wastegate actuator

* Oil and water cooled

* Will support 380~500 HP