Kinugawa Japan TD06SL2R-20g EVO4-9 anti surge 3"
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Kinugawa Japan TD06SL2R-20g EVO4-9 anti surge 3"

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These Kinugawa Japan TD06SL2R-20g turbo kits include a complete new twin scroll turbo plus fitting kit (gaskets lines and fittings) to suit evo 4-9.¬†Supplied with larger 3″ compressor cover with anti-surge.



* CHRA Size: Reverse TD06SL2R-20G with 11 blade turbine

* Compressor wheel: 52.5 / 68 mm (In. / Ex. Dia)

* Turbine Wheel: 54.1 / 61mm ( Ex. / In. Dia.)

* Turbine Housing 10.5cm A/R Singal Puck (machined to take larger TD06SL2R turbine wheel).

* Larger 3″ compressor cover with anti-surge

* Journal Bearing with Performance Thrust Bearing Kit with larger thrust ring and flinger

* Water cooled and Oil cooled

* Billet adjustable actuator

* Can support up to 460HP.