Link G4 extreme Engine Management ECU (wire in)
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Link G4 extreme Engine Management ECU (wire in)

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The link G4 Xtreme is Links top of the line ECU.

Key Features
Lightweight loom
Waterproof connectors
Up to 6D fuel and ignition mapping
Precision closed loop cam control (four cam, independent control)
Up to 8 channel sequential fuel and ignition
Large number configurable input and output channels
Digital triggering, all OEM patterns
Rotary – up to four rotors, fully sequentially staged injection and sequential ignition
OEM idle hardware supported
8 injection drives
5D boost control with three switchable tables
Motorsport features – antilag, launch, flat shift
Continuous barometric correction (on board)
CAN port
QuickTune – automated fuel tuning
Individual cylinder correction
Odd-fire engines & two-strokes
USB tuning cable included
Stats recording into on-board memory
Gear compensations for spark, boost and fuel
Real time selectable dual fuel, ignition and boost maps
Sync and crank sensors can be a combination of Hall effect, variable reluctance or optical
Boost control referenced to gear, speed or throttle position
Up to 4MB internal logging memory
Staged injection
Closed loop knock control
Firmware updates available online

Brief Specification
8 injection drives
8 ignition outputs
8 analog inputs
4 temperature inputs
8 digital inputs
8 auxiliary outputs
2 thirty four pin, waterproof connectors
external, 2.5 bar or 5 bar, MAP sensor (sold separately)
e-throttle (available soon)

plus all the G4 Storm features such as:
Quick Tune: Using PCLink, QuickTune is an interactive tuning tool that assists in time efficient fuel tuning.
A graphical display of Target AFR (desired AFR) and Actual AFR (measured AFR) is provided. A dual pointer gauge allows the tuner to quickly see how close Actual AFR is to the Target AFR. QuickTune can be setup to operate over the entire fuel table or just over a particular area.

QuickTune can be used in Manual or Automatic modes. In Manual mode, QuickTune guides you to cell centering and advises you when is a suitable time to make a fuel table adjustment. With the press of a key a calculated adjustment is made. Often only one or two adjustments are required to tune each cell. In Automatic mode QuickTune does all the adjustments for you. This leaves the tuner free to operate the Dyno or perform other tuning work such as making ignition or cam angle adjustments.