Motul oil 4100 Power 15W50 4L
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Motul oil 4100 Power 15W50 4L

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Motul make arguably the best engine oils in the world. 4100 Power is a semi-synthetic oil that features anti-deposit and anti-sludge properties ensuring a cleaner engine. Also assists easier cold start-ups. This 5L pack of oil features a viscosity of 15W40. High Performance Technosynthese® lubricant specially designed for high performance cars powered by large displacement engines, turbo Diesel, direct injection or Gasoline engines with injection and catalytic converter. Suitable for all types of Gasoline or Diesel engines using leaded or unleaded gasoline, diesel fuel or LPG. High viscosity at high temperature (SAE 50) for engines prone to higher oil consumption, due to high mileage.

API Standard: SL,CF
ACEA Standard: A3/B4
OEM Approval: VW 501 01 – 505 00,MB 229.4
Application: ENGINE OIL
Engine Type: PETROL
Viscosity: 15W50

Part no 102449.