Radiator breather tank.
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Radiator breather tank.

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These light weight alloy radiator breather tanks are a universal fitment for all vehicles. Under constant heavy loads, as with circuit racing, drifting or autocross, your engine generates a lot more heat than normal. As your engine coolant starts to pass the boiling point, your thermostat opens and coolant is cycling through the engine. A by-product of the heating effect is that the coolant tends to over-spill. At the same time, your radiator cap plunger closes (retracts) due to pressure built up in your cooling system and super-heated coolant escapes, with the super-heated air, through the small port to your fluid reservoir. The air escapes to the atmosphere through the opening in the reservoir tank. These breather tanks are a suitable substitute when the engine's coolant has been fully serviced and the breather is mounted higher than the radiator. Heated air (which causes the over-spill) escapes, leaving the coolant in the tank in order to be re-used by your engine, as needed.

*CAUTION* Never mount the breather tank below the radiator. You will experience something called "air lock". What is the result? A blown radiator hose, a blown radiator or something else that's going to cost you to replace or repair.